Summer Staff

Our goal is to give campers a week of fun through memory-making activities while also challenging them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can be a part of that life-changing work by being a member of our Summer Staff!

Summer Staff

Camp is one of those places that allows you to help others grow while also growing yourself — spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and in maturity.

Our team members are energetic, enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ, who want to work with kids and make a difference in campers’ lives.

Our campers need to see real examples of people living out their faith. Can you be a role model? We're looking for staff members who can demonstrate patience, responsibility, flexibility, cooperativeness, creativity, thoughtfulness, being fun-loving, selflessness, possessing energy, enthusiasm, and endurance.

We have opportunities for staff ages 15–college.

All positions are paid, using a combination of camp funds + raised support.

With a few exceptions, your commitment runs from June 6–August 5.


Really! We answer LOTS of questions in the Summer Staff FAQ. Take a few minutes and read through it. It's good info.

You'll find an online application for new staff and a different one for returning staff. The application process also involves your consent to a background check.

We have a convenient form that you can email to your references for them to complete and return. Easy! Just send them to this link.


Summer Staff Members Should:

  • Demonstrate a sincere, authentic faith walk
  • Maintain a Christ-like attitude
  • Possess a sincere desire to work with children
  • Be team players, seeking unity and understanding in working with groups
  • Seek ways to grow as an employee, in faith, and in character


Curious about all of the other expectations for Summer Staff?

  Drew Timmer:  Director of Ministries (your boss and partner in ministry)

Drew Timmer: Director of Ministries (your boss and partner in ministry)

Get a feel for what a week of camp looks like! This is one of our camp sessions for campers ages 9-13. Cabin leaders have a group of campers each week that they hang out with & play games, lead small groups & prayers with, and build relationships with as we learn more about God's word and how to apply it to our lives. Support Staff are the team members behind the scenes, setting up games, running skits and songs, making sure we're on schedule, and assisting counseling staff in having a successful week. Our media team ensures that we capture all the great fun we have through photos and video. We also hire kitchen help to prepare meals, serve, and keep our dining hall tidy.


I cannot imagine doing anything different with my summers.

Ben B., Senior Counselor


Staff Positions

You can read more about each position in our Summer Staff FAQ.

  • Senior Counselor (age 18 or older)
  • Co-Counselor (age 15 or older)
  • Waterfront Director (age 18 or older, age 20+ preferred)
  • Lifeguard (age 16 or older, age 18+ preferred)
  • Health Officer (age 18 or older)
  • Program Assistant (age 20 or older)
  • Kitchen Assistant (age 16 or older)
  • Videographer (age 15 or older)
  • Photographer (age 15 or older)
  • Teaching Team Speaker
SON-Life Camp is a place of fun, but also a place where God can turn campers’ and staff members’ weaknesses into their strengths!
— Tim B., Senior Counselor